When You Have No Answers

Something that many people have asked me is in regards to how my family knew what to do when it came to my medical life and surgeries.  Well, the truth is we didn’t know.  With every surgery I faced, we had to find doctors willing to help me.  Not a lot of doctors are willing to take my case, because there is a lot of unknowns, and I understand that.

There have been risks with probably every single surgery I’ve had.  But lucky for me, I have found doctors that weren’t scared to take on the challenge.  As a patient, we have to be understanding too because we have to know that “it’s ok if the doctors don’t have all the answers, as long as they are willing to help us the best they can then I will trust them”.

As a parent it can be frustrating when you have a child with a syndrome and there is not answers out there, trust me I know this all too well.  I’ve heard about it many times from my parents and I too have held these same frustrations.

I can’t lie and say its easy, because it isn’t.  I’ve had my fair share of struggles with this in life.  But I am a survivor and I like to believe that part of my syndrome includes a fighting spirit.  No matter what I’ve endured, while sometimes it may get me down, I am a natural born survivor and I have a been blessed with a very positive attitude in life that helps me get through anything and everything I face.

I just want parents out there to know that you are doing a great job with you children and you know whats best for them.  I know its hard not having all the answers, my parents have been there too.  We were faced with the question of “is this whats best for my child?”, bu the thing was, the question wasn’t really “is this whats best for my child?” but it was “this is the only option we have, so this is what we have to do.”

And guess what, it worked!

I am a successful 29 year old.  I graduated college with a Bachelors Degree and I also have an Associates Degree in Arts.  I work full time as an Assistant Manager, where I love what I do and I thrive in my career.  I have friends that I go and hang out with.  I have a family who has always supported me in whatever I want in life.  I am a writer, and I own this blog.  I am where I am today because my parents pushed me to become the person they always knew I could be, they never gave me limits, instead they pushed me to break barriers.  And now I am able to do what I’ve always known I was meant to do, teach others.

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  1. Mike Patyk says:

    Beautifully written Mon Mon. It. Reads like I spent the afternoon with you talking about life. Love you forever and always.

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