Waiting On The Call

Last September I went to the doctors knowing that I needed to get the ball rolling with the process of my left shoulder surgery.  At that point I knew my shoulder was getting worse but it hadn’t got to severe pain.  The doctors agreed that it was time to get the process rolling so we started the necessary requirements to get the replacement made.

My surgeries are always unique cases, but with having had my right shoulder done before and they knew what to expect I was anticipating the process being quicker and easier.

It has been almost 5 months since then and even though they are close, the replacement isn’t quite ready yet.

I am really hoping that I get the call within the next 2 weeks so that I can go ahead and plan surgery for next month.  I need to have the surgery done by May and was hoping that if I had it done by March it would give me enough time to recuperate.

I know what to expect with this surgery since just 3 years ago I had the right shoulder done.  But once again the wait is becoming the most difficult part.

Every morning I wake up hoping today will be the day that they call.  I know they have to get it right and everything has to be done correctly but as the days continue to go by and the pain in my shoulder continues to get worse, I just hope that they call and say “we are ready”.

Once they give me the “ok” then we are scheduling a surgery date.  So once again, I wait.

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  1. Maureen Kohl says:

    Dera Monica,
    It’s not acceptable to me that you are suffering with so much pain and cannot even do your ADL’s without pain. We probably need to start a letter writing campaign!
    Let me know who to send letters to and I will. I’m serious! Drs., insurers, company reps who make and sell the replacements, the Pope! Well, maybe not the Pope.

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