Waiting on Surgery #20

It has been 2 months since I’ve heard from my doctors office and after not getting any call backs when I call for “updates”.  I’ve decided its time I just go in and talk to them myself.  I know its not their fault that things have been delayed with the approval process but at the same time it would be nice to get an update.  (Even if that update is “sorry we have not heard anything at this time”)

I have been through these approval processes before and know very well that they can take a long time.  My thing is though that I could also be fighting this!  I could do something to get their attention and maybe speed up the process.

I was told in May of this year by the second opinion doctor that they only give permission for 5 custom implants to be made a year.  ONLY 5!  That’s so crazy.  I mean here we are in July (half way through the year) and I haven’t heard anything!

Something needs to be done because time is running out and I am really hoping that I don’t get pushed back until next year because I do not know if I have that long with my shoulder.  It’s already very bad another 6 months to a year could mean no surgery at all!

I just feel as though its time for me to go in there and say “look, obviously we need a different approach and need results, so lets figure this out”.

Of course that sounds so easy I know, and I also know that it very well may be not that easy to go about.  But I just feel as though I need some type of clarification and really want to do something to catch there attention.  Something that will let them know I’m doing this because I truly need the surgery, not because I’m wanting to get back to playing tennis or something like that.

I just need something, any type of answers!

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