Waiting For Answers and More Understanding

Well I went to my genetic specialist a few weeks ago and he gave me the all clear with that check up.  He also mentioned trying to find some more research on my dwarfism.  He discussed trying to see what medical research is out there in other countries.

With my dwarfism being so rare we really don’t know what may happen next.  There isn’t much research out there on Saul Wilson and I’ve spent my entire life wanting to know more.

With each year that I get older the curiosity continues to grow and at times it can get very frustrating.

I would love to be the key to opening all those doors and answering all the questions that my family and I have had for so many years and even though we’ve started the process with that I continue to wait to find out more answers.

I try to remind myself that everything I go through will be added to the information for my dwarfism.  In July, it will be 2 years that I’ve started working with doctors to find the gene that causes my dwarfism.  I am hoping this year they can give me more information with that.  It’s a very long and slow process, one that I’m hoping will give me more answers very soon.

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