Update on left eye lens implant

It has been almost a week with no glasses and my left eye has finally adjusted well enough to where I can see pretty well using only the left eye.  I have been able to function at work with reading prices and using the register with no problems whatsoever.

I still wear the sunglasses because my eyes still seem sensitive to the lights.  The left eye doctors thought was going to be the one to give me troubles but luckily the left has done extremely well.

People are still getting use to me without glasses.  At work I have people comment saying things like “I like what you’ve done with your hair” or “somethings different about you” and it takes them a minute to realize I have no glasses.  It’s pretty funny the reactions I’ve gotten.

I’ve also gotten alot of compliments people saying how I look so much better without glasses, which makes me wonder if I looked bad with glasses?  But i believe people to mean by that, that I look more my age without glasses.  Or I hope thats what they mean.

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