Turning 30 and What It Means To Me

On May 28th 2018, I turned 30 years old.  For a lot of people turning 30 is a big deal.  But for me it was an even bigger deal.

Turning 30 meant that I lived 25 more years longer than some doctors gave me.  It was 18 surgeries later.  It was a high school diploma and college degree that some doctors said I wouldn’t obtain.  It was me learning to drive a car.  It was me going after my career.  It was me fighting through everything I’ve been through to become the person I am today!

These last 30 years have not been easy.  I’ve struggled through but wouldn’t let it show most of the time.  I have always had the support of my family and friends, but sometimes it was a struggle that I had to fight alone.

A lot of people don’t understand when I tell them that my life has been “medical”.  When I look back on these last 30 years the main thing I remember is the fight.  The fight through each surgery that I had.  The fight through all the doctors appointments.  The fight through going to doctors, hoping for answers only to be told they didn’t have any.

It is so hard to explain to someone who has never gone through that kind of thing what that is like.

It is because I lived my life in the medical world that I have gained a true understanding of what all I’ve gone through and what it means when you finally have the opportunity to get answers and teach others.

Growing up I always wished I could meet someone with my dwarfism who had answers.  Little did I know that I was I was that person.  I wasn’t meant to meet someone who could give me answers, but to be the person who would give others answers.

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