Trying to stay positive

Four weeks before my right hip surgery is scheduled, I get home from work with a message on the machine from the doctors office asking me to call them back to reschedule my surgery.  Mom and I had hopes that they wanted to move it up by a week or postpone it to the following week.

The next day is full of doctors appointments and we call and leave messages about rescheduling the surgery.  One of the appointments I had was to renew my license.

While waiting for papers to come through at the circuit offices for my license, I got the call about rescheduling my hip surgery.  I had gotten up to walk around a bit and go to the bathroom and when I returned mom was on the phone with them.  As I get closer to where she is sitting I hear her say “ok so surgery is August 26th”, with that my heart sank and I felt the tears start.  I was devastated.

As I sit there and fight back the tears my mom finishes talking to the doctors office.

The past month has been much more painful than before and I was really hoping to have it finally come to an end really soon.  Once again I ran right into this brick wall that always seems to stop me in my tracks.

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