These Past Few Months

These past few months I haven’t been told anything new from the doctors.  The last time I went to my bone doctor he told me my blood work was fine and that in a few months I might go off the medicine I am on.  I go back in March to have a dexascan done and to hopefully hear more.  I feel like every time I go to that doctor they only give me enough information to have me come back in a few months.  It’s very frustrating.

By now I had hoped to something from the doctors who were going to start the genetic research on my dwarfism…but so far no word.  I have been anxiously waiting to hear any information, but I have a feeling the next time I will hear from them will be in July at the Little People convention.

It’s been three years and I feel like I have only gained a little bit more information than from when I first found out I have aging bones.  I’ve been on medicine that has helped but still have the aches and pains that come with arthritis.  The doctor keeps telling me that I can’t have any more joint replacements because of my weak body- which I understand completely.  But I keep thinking about the future and what will happen when I really do need a replacement.  Is my body ever going to be strong enough to handle another replacement?  Time will only tell.

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