“The final stage of healing is using what happens to you to help other people.”- Gloria Steinem

I have dealt with a lot in my life and I grew up not dealing with it properly.

I grew up with the “just deal with it” attitude. When I had to go to doctors all the time, I just dealt with it. When I had to have surgeries instead of having fun with friends, I just dealt with it. When I was facing serious life situations and felt no one would understand, so I kept it all inside, I just dealt with it.

But the thing is, I wasn’t dealing with it. I was just suppressing feelings (for pretty much my entire life). So what happened? I reached the point in my life where it was time for me to heal. It was time for me to let go of the past and everything that it held.

I have never regretted anything that I have been through. During my childhood I dealt with a lot of surgeries and even more unknowns. I fought like hell to get to where I am today. But most of the time I wasn’t fighting for me. I was fighting for my dwarfism and for the others, even though I hadn’t met them yet. I was fighting for their future, not necessarily mine.

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