The Ending To A Very Long and Bad Week

This week started off good with a promising end to years of pain, but quickly took an unexpected turn.

When I woke up Tuesday afternoon, after thinking I would have the surgery that I’ve been waiting so long to get done, and quickly realizing that that wouldn’t be happening that day I felt like I had reached my breaking point.  I thought I had already reached this point before with the each delay that I had endured but this (so far) was definitely the worst.

I never in a million years thought that I would wake up (from what was suppose to be surgery) and not have had surgery.  It truly was a crushing point in my life, because even though I knew eventually we would find a way to have the surgery, it was just another blow that I had to experience.

My mom says it best when she states “nothing is ever easy in the life of Monica Zaring” but that doesn’t mean that I desperately wish that it could be.  I wish every day, that even if I have to experience these medical challenges that they go smoothly and not throw me every curveball imaginable and with this surgery it has surely felt that way.

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  1. maureen Kohl says:

    Glad you are feeling so well.

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