The Day I Had Waited My Whole Life For

In August of 2017 I got a phone call from a group of doctors who have been working to help me find out more answers.  When I returned the phone call and listened to what the doctor started to tell me it was very surreal.  I had been waiting my whole life for that phone call, and if I’m being honest, I never thought I’d live to see the day that that call came in.

I am 29 years old and I’ve searched my whole life to find others out there with the same dwarfism as I have.  That was the soul purpose for me to start writing this blog.  I wanted this blog to be the starting point of the conversation.  I wanted this blog to connect the dots one day, and that day was August 11, 2017.

I was standing in my kitchen with my mom and my best friend.  I switched the phone over to speaker phone so they could hear too what the doctor’s assistant was telling me.  As she started to talk she said the words we had waited years to hear, “we have found 8 others with your dwarfism”.  The assistant went on to tell me just how they found all these other families and how this had all started only about a week prior to the phone call.

As I stood there in shock and listened as she explained everything, it felt like a dream.  My fight that I’ve been fighting my whole life, was starting to come together and answers were starting to be answered.

It was truly the miracle that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

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