Surgery #19

A week ago today I had dental surgery for gum grafting.  It was a three hour procedure and it was basically 3 procedures in one.  Had gum grafting on both sides of my bottom teeth and in the front and center they cut part of my lip to help with recession.

I went today for my first checkup and the dentist was very pleased with how well things are healing and looking so far.  I was able to get four stitches taken out from the front which makes it feel a little better.

Due to the surgery I am on a “soft foods only” diet.  Which limits me a lot and I am not use to at all!  For the first week I was eating applesauce, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, soups and of course ice cream!

I am still only allowed to eat soft foods but now I am trying to get creative with my foods because whatever I eat I cannot chew I have to only swallow the foods.  I was able to eat homemade pizza and cheesy bread tonight and for lunch today I was able to eat spaghetti.

Slowly but surely I’m figuring out more things to eat which is making it better because I go back in a few weeks for another checkup and have about seven more weeks of this.

This surgery is something that I have known for years would eventually need to be done but I had no idea that it would come at the time when I needed a completely different surgery…my left shoulder replacement (which I’m still waiting on).

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