Saying Good-Bye to a Good Friend

My friendship with the Pariser family started with a ride to school every day and continues because now I consider them part of my family.  This past week we lost a great man and a great friend.  I met Dave and Gina and their family when I was starting my first year at Bellarmine.

When my aunt learned that I was going to take an hour long bus ride to and from school every day, she introduced me to Dave and Gina who work there and for two years they drove me to and from Bellarmine.  I became part of their morning routine and quickly became like family.

While in college I was going through medical problems and trying to find answers to what I was going through- they helped overlook my physical therapy and helped answer any questions I had.  They always asked me about my latest doctor visits or physical therapy sessions.

They helped me when I was first starting at Bellarmine and didn’t know anyone, they continued to help me when I was going through medical problems and didn’t quite understand what was going on and were always trying to help alleviate pain I was having, they were there cheering me on when I finally was able to walk across the stage to graduate.

I am thankful to them for all they have done for me and want them to know that my heart goes out to them.


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