Right lens implant surgery

My doctor said my right lens implant surgery went well.  The original plan was they weren’t going to put me completely under like they did for the left lens, but they were worried I might freak out during the surgery if I was awake and I could tell by the reaction from the anestheologist that I would be put completely under once again.  We were fine with this decision, the only problem before with the left lens was that when they went to take the scope out after surgery- the scope ended up giving me a really bad sore throat that took me a week to recuperate from and we were hoping to avoid that this time around.

The decision was made to put me completely under just in case and luckily I had NO sore throat this time around, so I’m guessing they were easier on me this time.  They did say that they had to give me something to help me wake up from the anesthesia.  But the surgery was a success!

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