Right Hip Surgery Success!

Hello everyone,

It’s been a few days since I’ve last posted because I have been in the hospital recuperating from my right hip replacement.

After many delays the surgery finally went off with a success and everything went very well.  The day after surgery I was already up and walking around with the help of my walker.  My pain level has been fine, its mainly soreness from the wound and stiffness in my leg.  So overall we have  been very pleased with the whole process.

I spent 2 nights at the hospital and they sent me home yesterday.  It’s good to be back home resting.  I’ve been able to get up and walk around quite a bit so that has definitely helped.

Finally after years of pain, my hip is finally on the road to recovery and will be better in a matter of months.

The funny part about the whole surgery is the doctor could get the implant to go in but couldn’t push it in as far as he wanted it to go so I’ve gained a little bit of height on that side and now have to get my left shoe lifted so when I walk I will be evened out.

I will continue to keep everyone  posted on how things are going.  Thanks for all the prayers and support that I’ve gotten from so many of you all!

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  1. maureen Kohl says:

    Could not be more happy for anyone, Monica! I’m trying to think of a ” hip joke”
    but I can’t. Hipster, Hippy, whatever. Gotta be a smile/joke in there somewhere.

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