Returning To Work

My 1st day back to work went very well.  I worked for 5 hours and it felt great to be back.  I had quite a few people ask me how I was doing since surgery and I told everyone that it has simply been amazing.  I feel so much better.

Everyone just seems so shocked at how well it has all gone for me.  I just keep thinking many of the people didn’t realize just how bad I was before surgery.  Every day was painful, but I never complained.

Many of the customers could tell when some days were worse than others, but a lot of the customers had no idea at just how bad it truly was to walk, let alone do everything that needed to be done to perform my job.

Today was the first day in years I was able to be at work and not be in pain with the hip or with my shoulders.

The left shoulder has definitely started to act up and I will be ready when that part is made and I’m able to get that surgery done.  But luckily the left shoulder is not causing me near as much pain as the right shoulder and the right hip did.

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  1. maureen Kohl says:

    Always good to hear about the strength of the human spirit. Very inspiring

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