Pre-op Success!

Had my pre-op appointment today and everything went well.  Continue to count down the days!

Six more days to go and will be busy pretty much every single one of them.  I am continuing to work up until surgery, plus trying to get things done so I won’t have to worry about them later.

With pre-op done now my next focus is surgery day.

It’s simply amazing to think about how much easier this surgery will be compared to my shoulder replacement.  Today when they were telling me that I will be up walking that evening after surgery or at the latest the next day seemed amazing.  And I will probably only need to spend 1-2 nights in the hospital.

With the deterioration in my hip now I am half an inch shorter on that side, that’s how much deterioration has taken place.  I just keep thinking about how much better I am going to feel and how much worry will be lifted once this is done.

It truly is an amazing feeling- after more than 2 1/2 years of pain…relief is in the near future and its looking good!

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2 Responses to Pre-op Success!

  1. maureen Kohl says:

    Congratulations on your Pre Op day!
    Moving forward! Donna told me she will be with you. You are lucky. She’s one of the best Phys. Therapists I know. Hang in there Monica!

    • littleperson123 says:

      Thank you! Yes Donna always stays with me now with surgeries. She has already informed me of post-op PT exercises I will be doing. Definitely can’t slack off with her around. LOL but that’s ok.

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