October 2nd Dwarfism Fact

October 2nd dwarfism awareness post:

Wow it’s been 6 years today that I had my right hip surgery.

This was the first surgery that I had gone in a week prior expecting to have surgery and woke up only to learn the doctors had to delay. It was a rough day when I woke up to find a nurse standing by my bedside scared to tell me the truth about the delay. I woke up and remember seeing the clock and the time on it wasn’t very long since I had gone under. I looked at the nurse and asking him “I didn’t have surgery did I?” To which his eyes got big and he said “let me go get your family.”

Upon waking up I could just tell that I didn’t wake up to a new hip. When I realized they couldn’t do surgery I became very emotional. I broke down and cried. I couldn’t help it I had been in pain for so long and endured several setbacks and now this one. I had been delayed several times due to bloodwork and other factors. So when I woke up on October 2, (6 years ago today) and realized surgery had been a success, I was so relieved!

I felt so good in fact that when they wheeled me into my hospital room I looked at my aunt and told her “are you going to get my Olive Garden now?” I was so hungry. And this was the picture she took of me.

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