New Year, New Car

I got my first car when I was 17 years old and learning to drive. It was a 2000 Ford Focus and has been a good car for me these last 13 years.

But with the new year it was time to buy a new car and get an upgrade. I found a Toyota Corolla.

For years I had put off even considering buying a new car because I know the hassle it is to get the car to a point where I can drive it.

Most people don’t realize what all has to be done in order for me to accommodate a new car. Due to my size I have to get a switch installed that will disable the airbag because if the airbag were to deploy it could seriously injure me. Also I have to get pedal extensions and get them installed in my car so that I can reach. Getting the airbag disabled can take a while because I have to send in a form and get the approval and can’t do anything until we have the proper approval.

I have people ask me almost every day when I’m going to start driving the new car and I hope to drive it in a few months.

Just another obstacle of being a little person.

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