Medical Time Frame

Ok, so tonight I got to thinking about all that has happened and started to write a timeline of events and after writing down, the short version, its amazing what’s happened so here it is:

January 2010- Shoulder pain starts

March 2010- Find shoulder doctor and get surgery planned

October 2010- Shoulder replacement not ready yet, back to the drawing boards

December 2010- right shoulder surgery

January 2011- Meet with doctor about my bones

March 2011- Find out my bones are aging quickly, doctor orders medicine

September 2011- after many phone calls made problems arose and medicine still wasn’t ordered, then we find out insurance won’t approve medicine, back to bone doctor

October or November 2011- bone doctor appointment, tells us of another medicine, we tell him I will wait so I can graduate

December 2011- I graduate from college!

January- March 2012- I go on medicine to help build up my bones

March 2013- Been on medicine for a year, we go back to bone doctor and we learn the medicine has helped my aging bones and he gives us the “ok” for hip replacement

March/ April 2013- Hip replacement scheduled for July

June 2013- Doctor calls we have to reschedule surgery for August

August 2013- Surgery rescheduled 2nd time for September

September 2013- White cell count was low at pre-op so surgery rescheduled again.  Following week I get the clear from the doctor for surgery and we set it up for September 25, couldn’t get intubated so that attempt fell through and I had to go back the following week to try again.     ALSO this month I met with shoulder doctor to get ball rolling on getting left shoulder replacement made so I could have that surgery done soon as well.

October 2013- Right hip replacement success!

So now I’m in 2014 and waiting on yet another shoulder surgery.  When I break this timeline down like this its amazing and crazy at how much has happened the past few years.


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