Making Memories and Sharing Stories

Over these last few years I have come to realize that the stories I have are mainly my medical challenges I have faced. When I share my stories with people I can feel the passion I have for educating others and sharing my story with the world.

However, I am thirty-one years old and I have come to a point where I am ready to make new memories and stories. I want to make memories with my nieces and nephews and give them something to remember about me. I want them to grow up and be able to look back and say “I remember when Aunt Monica and I did this.” I want to inspire them.

But I also want to make memories that I will have to look back on and be able to smile.

When I tell people that I have “retired” they look at me as though they can’t understand the fact that at age thirty-one I have “retired” and my decision to do so wasn’t one that I took lightly. But I got to a point in my life where I was working so much and my body couldn’t keep up with it.

I was living a life where I was working a lot and would come home and not have the energy to function some days. There was some days I would come home and family would be here but it would take everything I had to sit with them and feel as though I was able to function.

Since I’ve stopped working I feel as though I have a life again. I had so many people think I would get bored (and they still think that) but for me I feel as though I’m finally able to catch up on life. I feel as though I finally have time and energy to enjoy each day.

That in itself makes me realize that I made the right decision.

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  1. Mary says:

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