Lens Implant Surgery #1

On May 8, 2013 I went for an outpatient procedure to have the lens put back on my left eye.  At age 2 and 4 I had cataract surgery and they removed the lenses from my eyes and until now they hadn’t been able to go back to put them back on.

But with modern technology, there is finally a way for me to have lenses put back on my eyes.  I went for my left eye on May 8th and go back on May 22 to have the right one done.

The surgery itself was a success but the recuperation has gone a little differently than I had thought it would.  I was under the impression that my eyesight was going to be automatically there once the bandage was removed, but it is going to take a few weeks before I will get my complete vision back.  I have had the bandages off for a few days and can already tell an improvement, but it will still take a few weeks for them to be completely better.

While I am at home and do not need to read or see anything really clearly I use my left eye to try and build up the muscles and they eyesight.  But if I need to read or do certain things, for instance when I am at work I have to use my glasses and rely on my right eye.

I go in a week and a half to get the other one done and at that time I am hoping to have enough vision with my left eye to be able to function but for a few days I may be without much sight.

Nevertheless, this is all simply amazing to me, because for years doctors didn’t think I would ever have such an opportunity.

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