Left shoulder update

After a few months of using my shoulder less the pain got better.  All the while I knew I was losing function of that shoulder. It was the only way to lessen the pain.

I’m learning how to do things differently.  I’m left handed so it’s been a bit of a challenge.  You don’t realize just how much you use something until you have to limit what you do or act like you can’t use it at all.

Months had passed by and I hadn’t heard any updates on the shoulder and while a part of me was hopeful a bigger part had a feeling that surgery might not be an option.  I tried to stay positive but when we had met with the doctor and talked it over it felt as though the guarentee wasn’t a guarentee at all just a “we will try anything” approach.

At first I said do nothing because I felt as though because it wasn’t a “I know this will work” solution and there were too many uncertainties it felt like the correct choice.  But then once I had time to think it over the “what if it does work and I chose not too” kept weighing in on me.

I had to try it even if it ended up not being the solution, I had to try.

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