I’m Writing So Others Can Learn

When I first started writing this blog, I did so because I was tired of googling “Saul Wilson Syndrome” and finding nothing.  I’d type that into google (that or the more technical term Osteodysplastic Microcephalic Dysplasia) and I’d scroll throughout google with hopes of finding something, anything…but there wasn’t anything out there.  The only thing I’d find is a medical journal that my doctor wrote when I was a baby.

I remember when my mom, my aunt and I first started talking about me writing a blog.  We were in Dallas, TX at the national LPA convention.  I had just met a doctor from Scotland who had actually heard of my dwarfism, which had never happened before!

I remember we were at the mall and I can recall riding down the escalators as mom, my aunt and I all started talking about what the doctor had told us about being interested in helping me.  It was all so exciting and new and as we all walked around the mall talking about it we had no idea that just a few years later, 5 years to be exact, the doctors would learn even more information!

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