I hereby officially step down…

I started off this year knowing it was going to be a year full of changes. My new year quote was “New Year, New Chapter, New Beginnings”…and eventually I added “New Car” to that quote.

We are only three and a half months in and already its been a year of changes. After 12 years working towards the career I now have, I have made the decision to step down from an Assistant Manager’s position. Physically I can’t do the job any more and it has been a very difficult process for me to accept.

I am thirty years old, I shouldn’t be looking to “retire” at thirty years old. I have worked for 12 years towards the career I had only to let my body tell me “You can’t do this any more”.

It’s something that has been weighing on me for at least a year now. I have a very strong work ethic so for me to have to accept that working and working so hard I just can’t do any more has been very difficult.

Just like in any other way of my life I have never given up and so to me stepping down feels like giving up in away. But I can no longer fight that battle and have been working towards accepting this. It hasn’t been easy for me.

I have not completely figured out what the next few months will look like. I have stepped down and started to slowly work towards finding the next step in life.

This next step seems to be the “new chapter and new beginnings” stage. The goal is to chase my dream and publish my book. That is where my passion lies now. Sharing my story with the world.

They say change can be scary, but they also say that regret is even scarier. If I were to keep putting off my dream of sharing my story, then I fear I’ll end up with that regret and that is something that I don’t think I could do.

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  1. Sylvia Straub says:

    I understand and only hope we will not lose touch with each other. You have been like a daughter , and have watched you develope into the person you are today….I will miss those hugs and visits. I look forward to reading your book after it is published. CONGRATULATIONS on following thru with your decision….love ya, ” The crazy ole lady in the hat ” Sylvia

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