First day with no glasses

It has been a week since I have had my first lens implant surgery and since the surgery I had been relying on my glasses still alot.  It was still something that seemed difficult to give up after having worn them for nearly 25 years.  But on May 16th, a week after having the surgery, I decided if I was going to build up my eye I would have to give up the glasses and would have to completely rely on my left lens.

So far it has gone well, I have to really focus at times and usually have to close the right eye to help the left eye focus better.  I wear my sunglasses because my eye is still really sensitive to the lights.

It is definately going to take some time to get use to not having glasses and training my brain to use my left eye to see.  The doctor told me this would be the case but I don’t think I realized just how much effort it was going to take to “train my brain”.

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