Finally got my new shoulder

After over a year of waiting…I finally got my new shoulder that I desperately needed!

It was a rough year indeed.  We started out thinking getting the replacement would be no problem, because I’ve had a total shoulder 4 years ago and had my total hip last year.  But over the years rules have changed, making this replacement a fight to the very end.

I had a great doctor fighting for me and even though I would get very frustrated I knew he was just a frustrated as I was.

It has been a week since surgery and I am just amazed at how well things have gone so far.  I’ve been having some nerve pain in the elbow, but other than that, the shoulder pain has been minimal.

I spend most of my day exercising and massaging my shoulder and elbow.

It’s a weird feeling being able to rub my right hand over my shoulder and feeling something there.  There is no longer a lot of pain.  For the first time in 4 years I don’t have the pain that goes along with the arthritis in my body.

I am finally pain free from the pain of 3 joints that were very bad off.  I still have a long road ahead with rehab for the shoulder but hopefully once I get down that road, things will finally start to get back to my “somewhat normal life”.

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