“Famous In A Small Town”

I use to always joke and say that I was “Famous in a small town” and I’d say that because the town I live in both sides of my family grew up here. So most people knew someone from my family.

But over the years I’ve started to make a name for myself in this town and now people don’t necessarily know me because of my family. They know me because of my positive attitude and I’m known for always laughing and smiling.

Most people know me from my past job at the local thrift store where I worked for 12 years and while I was working there I knew people knew me from there. But last week I decided to leave my job and start towards another chapter in my life.

I found out just how much people cared about me and just how well known I had become. Once I started to announce to customers that I was in fact leaving I started to hear many of them say “We are happy for you, but sad for us”. I was the face of that store and now that I’ve been gone a week I’ve been told by many of my fellow coworkers how many people have come into the store and asked about me. I’ve even heard a few customers say they didn’t come in last week for a few days because they knew I wasn’t going to be there and they needed time to adjust.

I know my fellow coworkers and customers understand my reasons for leaving and are curious as to see where my life leads me next.

I will be honest, I am not exactly sure where life is leading me. But I do know that God is starting to open doors for me. To me I am starting a career in which I am investing in myself. I am hoping to write and hopefully become a motivational speaker. I am going to start sharing my story even more with the world.

I know this is going to take time and I am going to have to start taking risks or being open to new ideas and new adventures. Life feels as though it is about to get a lot more interesting and I can’t wait to start to become the person that I knew I’d always become.

So join me on this journey as I start to find out just what it is life has in store for me…time will tell, but I believe great things are going to start happening!

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