Family Is Everything

I am lucky enough to have a supportive family who has always stood behind me and been there for me. Over these last few years my family has grown even closer.

We believe in family traditions. Every Sunday my family gathers for Sunday dinner and the kids play while the adults sit and talk and share stories. Not many families do that sort of thing any more.

My siblings and I grew up at our grandparents farm and on our farm. Growing up we would always go to my grandparents farm for holidays and we would see the aunts and uncles and all our cousins. You don’t hear about that kind of stuff much any more. Families get busy and don’t take the time to gather like they use to.

That is a tradition that my mom, siblings and my nieces and nephews are trying to carry on to the next generation. At a time when life can be very fast paced and busy, it’s easy for people to get lost in every day life and forget the important things…like your family.

I have missed out on many family dinners because I’m usually at work. I believe for years I lost myself in my career, many people do. But it’s something that I don’t want to lose any more.

These last two years I have gotten to know my family more now than ever. Our family unit has come together in a way that is truly amazing.

I have 13 nieces and nephews and always love getting to see them and spend time with them but over the years, life happened and I haven’t been able to see them like I use to. I miss that so much.

I don’t have a family of my own like all my siblings have. I never really knew if that was in the cards for my life and I still don’t know. But I have my mom, my siblings and my nieces and nephews. Years from now I want my nieces and nephews to have memories of me too, not just memories of me never being at Sunday dinners and always being at work.

I have taken pride in my career for these last twelve years. I was raised to believe that you work hard for what you have. But with that being said when I look back on my life I would rather have memories.

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