Each Day Gets Me A Little Bit Closer!

My countdown clock has me at a little more than 3 days and 7 hours away from surgery!  With the days slowly passing by its beginning to feel unreal that this is finally happening.

It’s taken so long to get to this point and now it doesn’t even feel like it should be so close, but I am VERY glad it is!

With this time around I’m not even excited/ anxious yet.  I think because I’ve had so much “false hope” before, now I feel as though I shouldn’t get excited about it.

It probably won’t hit me until Monday, either when I’m leaving work and knowing I won’t be back to work for a few months or that night right before surgery.  I’m not nervous at all (at least not yet).

All I keep thinking is how much better I am going to feel.  But for now I’m truly taking each day as it comes because I know by Monday its going to be a bitter sweet feeling.


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  1. Maureen says:

    Counting with you and your family! Holding my breath!
    Let’s DO IT!

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