Dwarfism Post # 28

Most little people face surgeries during their lifetime. For me I have had 18 surgeries. I was born with clubbed feet (meaning my feet were upside down and backwards when I was born) and I had many surgeries during my childhood to correct them. I’ve had cataract surgeries with both eyes, lens implant surgeries, several sets of tubes put in my ears, a tethered chord released, a spine fusion, gum grafting surgeries, both shoulders replaced and a right hip replacement.

For anyone surgeries can be complicated but for little people, because of our size, there can be even more complications. Anesthesia can be very complicated for little people because we have a smaller airwave to work with. I have been lucky to have only one surgery where they couldn’t intubate me, my right hip replacement (the first attempt). I woke up from that attempt and knew I had not had the surgery yet. It was such a weird feeling waking up and just knowing something had gone wrong.

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