Dwarfism Post # 26

Shopping for clothes isn’t always an easy task. The clothes that fit me are made for a young child and aren’t always age appropriate. Pretty much every pair of pants that I have had to be hemmed because while they fit in the waist the length is way too long. Shirts are sometimes hard to find too because I want something that is going to make me look older and not like a child. Plus I have the bonus fact that I have to find shirts that will work with my shoulder replacements. Since my left shoulder started to fail, now I have to get the size bigger so that I can comfortably put it on but then I also have to find shirts that aren’t going too look too big also.

Shopping for shoes…you can forget it! The only shoes I can wear are New Balance tennis shoes because they make them in extra wide and because I was born with clubbed feet, and have had numerous surgeries to correct them, extra wide shoes are all I can wear. Dress shoes, sandals or any kind of nicer shoes is out of the question for me. Plus the shoes I do have the left one has to be lifted since I’ve had a right hip replacement, which made the right leg a little longer than the left.

So clothes shopping isn’t always as exciting to me as for some of my friends.

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