Dwarfism Post # 24

When it comes to traveling as a little person it can be difficult for me to travel alone. In fact I prefer having someone to travel with because I never know what obstacles I may face. The suitcase that I usually use is over half my height and can be very difficult for me to navigate. (Recently I invested in a suitcase with the wheels that turn every which way because due to my shoulder I couldn’t even push or pull any other kind). When traveling on a plane it’s usually not that bad for me. My feet don’t touch the floor so if I’m traveling long distances sometimes my feet fall asleep.

Also sometimes people don’t realize that I am standing behind them or in front of them and so I am always cautious of other people not seeing me.

There have been a few times when I have traveled and stayed at hotels and the doors to the room have been so heavy I couldn’t even open them. And of course any time I travel I have to remember a stool (I have one that folds up and fits in my suitcase). Remembering a stool is something that I am not always good at remembering though because I am so use to adjusting to whatever that I sometimes forget that I need it. Luckily I’ve got friends and family that try and remind me.

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