Dwarfism Post # 18

A year ago today my story made it to the front page of our county paper. A lot of people around town know who I am because I don’t change a whole lot. They see me at the stores or driving around town or at restaurants. Plus a lot of people know my family. So as I tell people “I am famous in a small town.”

When the medical article was released to the world. I e-mailed every local paper and local TV station trying to get someone to cover my story so that I could raise awareness.

The county I live in wrote an article about me and several other county papers shared the story as well. A local TV station saw the newspaper article and e-mailed me about doing a TV interview (which I did). The night of the interview I got off work and rushed home to get ready. As my sister and her kids sat there, along with my brother, they asked “are you nervous?” and I said nope I was ready!

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