Dwarfism Post # 16

Dwarfism occurs in approximately 1 in every 10,000 births. Dwarfism does not discriminate, happening across all cultures and race. There are tens of thousands of individuals with dwarfism living in the US. So when you walk up to the next LP that looks vaguely familiar, think before you ask, “Did you go to Valley High in OH 30 years ago? I had a friend that looked just like you.” Chances are the individual in question is nearly 30 years old and has lived in CA all their lives. Or, “Are you on a reality show? Are you lying? I won’t tell anyone.” Chances are they haven’t been. There are many individuals with dwarfism, especially in well populated cities and states, following geographical and population trends.

(Shared from the little people of America Facebook page)

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