Dwarfism Post #10

“Don’t stare!” doesn’t send a positive message. Teach your children today’s disability etiquette: “Don’t look away; smile and say hello.”

I wish more parents would take the time to talk to their children about people with differences. I hear all the time “Don’t stare at her.” Or see children pointing and laughing. It happens so much in my every day life that sometimes I am oblivious that it’s even happening.

Unfortunately this is something I have grown use to. But there have been times when I’ve been out with my nieces and nephews and it has happened and of course they don’t understand why children do those things. I’ve had my niece tell me “Monica why is that kid staring at you?” and I’ve replied because they weren’t taught any better.

As I’ve grown older it has gotten better some. I have noticed more parents stopping to talk to their child about how “God makes everyone different and she was just born small.” Ive had children stare or say quite loudly “Mom why does she look funny.” To which the mom is usually mortified at the fact that their child just said that and they know I’ve heard.

So please take the time to educate your children that God makes everyone unique in his or her own way. Please educate your children and teach them that it’s ok to be different.

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