Countdown starts over!

Today was my appointment with the blood doctor and after giving them 13 valves of blood to test we met with the doctor to get my white cell count numbers.  The doctor walked in and gave me the good news, today my numbers were normal.  He did say that before my right shoulder surgery my white cell count was low but not as low this time.

He is unsure why they fluctuate the way they do, but he felt that I would be fine to have surgery.

While we were there he did discuss that once I am healed up from surgeries that we do blood work to determine why my numbers fluctuate the way they do and see if its something we need to look more into or if its just a flute that they do.  So we set that up for November.

So once we walked out of the doctors office I immediately got on my phone and called the surgeon to tell them the good news and we got surgery set for next Tuesday!

Today I also got the call that we are going ahead with the process to get the left shoulder replacement ready so I will be going later this week to get the CT scan of that done so they can start to build the parts.

So just like my white cell count, my life seems to fluctuate from good news to bad and luckily this was good news and we are hoping it is the end of the bad news!  We are hoping this up and down roller coaster that I have been on for a while now ends.

So excited to finally be able to move forward in the steps to the right direction!

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  1. Jackie says:

    Love, love, love the countdown clock! I don’t feel the pain you’re going through, but I saw your Uncle Leroy, Uncle Stanley, Uncle Johnny, Aunt Mary, and your Dad suffer with pain until the doctors said they could have the surgery. The bone on bone pain must be terrible. I’m so estatic that you’re getting the surgery!


    Aunt Jackie

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