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Questions About Saul Wilson Syndrome?  Or do you know someone who has this diagnosis?

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  1. Laramie says:

    Thanks for putting yourself out there and being a resource for others. Today my four year old noticed a young college-aged man at a grocery store and pointed him out to me. I took a few brief moments to explain to her about little people and that he was an adult just like me and her dad who would not grow any taller. I work in higher education and believe strongly in addressing and educating people about issues that some might shy away from. My daughter is frequently around college students at a large university, so we have had the opportunity to talk about a lot of things children find unique about others, everything from tattoos and piercing a to individuals who use a wheelchair. We talk about friends or classmates with two moms or two dads and stress that these differences are what creates such an interesting and incredible world to live in. On our drive home, I thought there was more I could have said to help her better understand, so I did some searching once we got home and found your blog. I am looking forward to another chat with my daughter before bedtime so she can continue the cycle of education and awareness that will hopefully continue to cut down on those who are insensitive and make it seem like differences are something to be ashamed of. Thanks again for sharing your story. Enjoy your evening! (By the way – I didn’t look at dates for the entries I found, so I apologize if this website is no longer used…)

    • littleperson123 says:

      Thank You for responding. This website is still functioning and I try and post as often as I can. I use it as my research database of sorts for my dwarfism which is really rare. I am glad to hear your story and hope many people learn to do the same and to educate their children of people with differences because a lot of things are not talked about and the children grow up not understanding.

  2. Lars Wünschmann says:

    Hello Monica.

    Thanks for the blog and at you share your life with others on this way. This is very helpful and gives others the feeling not to be alone. Thank you for your work.
    We sent you an email and hope to get in contact with you.
    Have a nice day 🙂
    Best regards from Norway.

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