Challenges of a Being Little

Take a minute and consider everything you do in an ordinary day.  Wake up, go to work, go to the grocery, go out to eat, come back home again.  Sounds ordinary enough, right?  Now consider doing those tasks but standing only 3’6.  Still ordinary?  Can you imagine some difficulties you might experience? 

Well the truth is that is my everday experience, for me it is ordinary.  I’ve grown accustomed to adapting myself in a “big” world.

I was raised to believe that yes I am short, but I still do the things that I want- I just have to do them a little differently than everyone else. 

I use stools constantly- I use them in the bathroom to reach the sink, I use them at my place of work, I use them to reach the stove to cook or to reach the cabinets. 

But using stools is only have the battle.  I go to places all the time where it is not adaptable for my size.  It may be a public restroom where I can’t reach the sink- or I can reach the sink and even t he paper towels but I can’t reach the soap. 

When I was little and we would go to the theatre- I was so small that the seat would fold up on me.  Just walking through a parking lot is a hazard- I have to walk in between the front of the parked cars because if someone were to back up they wouldn’t see me. 

I had someone tell me that I should write about this because alot of people don’t think about the adaptations little people have to make- and honestly after 24 years of living in a world not made for my size- I don’t think about it either, I just know what I have to do and thats what I do to live my life.

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