Bone Doctor Update March 2013

Had my bone doctor appointment today and we got blood work results back and a dexascan done.  The results were good.

The blood work showed that my vitamin levels are good and that the Fosamax is helping.  My phosphorus levels are low and the doctor recommended that I eat more cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets and basically eat more fast food…which I already eat a lot of and in fact recently I’ve been trying to cut back but apparently I don’t need to do that.

The dexascan showed that my right hip and my spine had improved with the Fosamax.  The left hip had gotten worse.  Also recommended was more weight bearing with the left hip and even some PT exercises.

We asked the doctor about the possibility of needing more replacement surgeries in the near future and how he felt about that, he said that the more I am on Fosamax and the more it continues to work the stronger my bones will get and the better the replacement will do.  But if the situation arises and I absolutely cannot go any longer without the replacements then we can go ahead with surgery.

I felt this to be really good news.  This (in my opinion) was the best news of all, because I have been waiting 2 years for him to say this.  I have felt like the time for my right hip replacement has been getting closer, I feel that if we wait too long then they might not be able to go ahead with the surgery.

I have been told my left shoulder also needs the replacement and we are thinking this coming fall I will need to have that done.

My mom asked me “if your hip doctor says in 2 months you need to have the surgery” what would I say, and I told my mom “I’m ready”.  I’ve been ready for a very long time and was basically waiting on the “ok” from my bone doctor and I have finally gotten it.

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