And I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse

I finally made it to surgery day.  Surgery was scheduled for noon but we had to get there at 9:30 for pre-surgery stuff.  I couldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight and that night before I could barely even sleep, but I figured that was ok because I would be sleeping most of the next day anyways.

We get to the hospital and are called back pretty quickly and so they start with getting my IV in and doing all the pre-surgery routine things.  About 10:30 or so my doctor comes in and talks with us and informs us that he has 2 people ahead of me so it might be a little while longer.

So we wait.  I sat there and watched as the minutes and hours passed by.  Not nervous mainly excited and ready to get surgery over with.  They came and gave me medicine which I believe was suppose to make me drowsy but it never really did.  I was too excited to fall asleep just yet, so I watched the minutes tick away on the clock.

After a while my mom gave me my cell phone so I could get on Facebook and text people and let them know how things were going.

Finally 1:00 rolls around and they are ready for me!  As they wheel me away from my mom, dad and my aunt I hear them wishing me good luck and I hear my aunt singing the song we made up “you take your right hip in, they take your right hip out, and they put your new right hip in”.

This is the 1st time I remember vividly being wheeled into the OR room and climbing over to the operating table.  I remember them opening the door to the OR room and I looked up to see the sign “OR 7” and then they wheeled me right next to the OR table and asked me to climb over, then asked me to hold out my arms and that was when they gave put the mask on me.

And that was the last thing I remember…until I woke up.

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