An update on my left shoulder

Well since its been a year since I’ve wrote anything I guess I need to backtrack and talk about the problems I’ve had with my left shoulder.  A year ago my shoulder started to have pain and I tried to work it out, then sought out help from my physical therapist but ultimately I had to go back to my orthopedic surgeon as I knew something wasn’t quite right.

My doctor ordered X-rays and ct scans of the shoulder.  After the CT results came back I learned the replacement was failing.  After only 2 years of having this replacement in it was no longer holding on and was turning outward.

The options I was given were (1) to do nothing and work on pain control, basically don’t use that shoulder, (2) work with the company and my doctor to try and build a new implant and see if that would work or (3) take the replacement out and lose my shoulder.

At the time I opted to work on the pain control and do nothing because the truth was trying for a new replacement didn’t seem as though it would work.  While it was a tough choice to make I had to go with that option and think over the idea of redoing the replacement because it wasn’t a guarentee it would work.

There was a lot going on at that time and everything was just too overwhelming.  However about a month later when I was still in so much pain, I made the call and told my doctor “let’s try for a new replacement”.

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