A special thanks

For the past few months I’ve been working with my doctor and a media crew from the company who built my replacements.  They plan to use the footage for their website and so that the engineers can get an understanding of the people who they are helping when they build these custom implants.

They asked me “what are some things that you can do now that you couldn’t do before your shoulder replacement?” And even though this was a simple question I kind of laughed when they asked me and went on to explain “well you see for me it was a bit different because I still did everything I needed to do with the hurt shoulder.”  “The truth is I didn’t let it stop me from living my life, it just hurt whenever I did use it, but I still went to school and went to work.”

So then they asked “in what ways has the replacement improved my life?”  ME:  “the replacement improved my life because I no longer have pain.  I still have limited range of motion but the fact that I am living pain free in that shoulder is the best outcome I could ask for.”

i explained to them that without these replacements I don’t know what kind of state I would have been in and really when I think about it, if I wasn’t able to get these replacements done I would have been in sever pain.  I explained to them that there were no other options and I am grateful to have found a doctor willing to go that extra mile and take on my unique case and I am grateful to the company who built these custom implants because I am where I am today because of them.

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