9 More Days!!

In 9 days I go back to the doctors to find out where we stand with my shoulder replacement.  I got a call back in May saying the paperwork had been sent in and now we had to wait for the approval and that was all I’ve heard.

Now we are at 2 months later with still no word.

I feel like there’s so many questions to ask but no answers are being given.  The biggest question is “will I get approval this year?  and if not, what do I do then?”

I fear that by the time I get approval and get the shoulder replacement, it may be too late.

It’s become quite obvious that my shoulder hurts me on a daily basis, so much so that I find myself trying not to use it.

I wake up and its already hurting.  Usually throughout the night I have to reposition my pillows so that it eases the pain while sleeping.  I go to get dressed and grit my teeth as I try to put on a shirt (I try to wear loose fitting shirts because they are somewhat easier to get on with my shoulder hurting).  I prop my elbow on the dresser and put my brush in my hand and lower my head so that I can brush my hair out.  While brushing my teeth and washing my face, I try not to move my shoulder and find myself holding my arm really close to my body (to help support it).

When driving I usually extend my arm out and drive with my left arm on the side or top of the wheel (which is painful) and use to the right arm to help guide the other side of the wheel.

I know that I have started to favor my shoulder but its gotten to the point that I can’t help it any longer.  I try to use it as best I can and keep moving it and strengthening it but its gotten to the point that it hurts too much.  Sometimes even holding something in that hand is difficult.

So in 9 days I get to go and ask the doctors the questions that I’ve been trying for months to get answered.  I hope there ready because I will have them written down and all I can do is pray that they tell me some good news.

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