3 Years Since College Graduation!!

December 14, marks a memorable day for me because 3 years ago today I walked across a stage and received my college diploma!  That day I achieved my main goal in life.  You see when I was younger I was told by doctors that I would never aspire to such goals.  But that day I proved every one of them wrong and with each step I took across that stage made it that more powerful!

On the day of graduation a good friend of mine bet me that I would be back in 3 years for grad school (I insisted I wouldn’t and no I’m not going back).  School never really was my thing.  For most people, college is about finding yourself  and finding out who you want to become, but I always knew who I was and what I wanted out of life.

The bet meant more than a simple bet because on that day he knew I had achieved my greatest goal and that walking across that stage was all I ever really wanted.  Of course, that’s not saying that he wouldn’t have been thrilled if I had chosen to go to grad school.  He knew I would do anything I set my mind too.

Now this day is a great reminder of all of that.  I will remember that day for the rest of my life.

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