2013 and maybe 2 surgeries?

We got the good news from the doctor that my bones have improved, so much so that he gave me the “ok” if I have to have surgery replacements within the next year and from the looks of things I may be needing two replacement surgeries.

I was told last year that I need my right hip replaced and now they are calling for my left shoulder replaced.

Over the past few weeks I have been going to all sorts of doctors and they have been giving me the news that I knew they would eventually tell me.  Between them telling me now my left shoulder is getting worse and knowing I still need the right hip replaced and finally after 2 years getting the news that we can actually look into the fact of having the surgeries.

Now as I try and think all of this out, I am beginning to realize that both of these surgeries will probably have to be done before the end of this year.  I feel at times like I’m playing the balancing act of life, work and surgeries and in a few months I am going to have to once again “put my life on hold”.

Putting my life on hold was easy to do when I was in school because I could still go to classes and work around my class schedule.  But now that I am working and trying to make plan ahead in my career, “putting my life on hold” isn’t quite as easy as all that.  I’m beginning to wonder how its going to play out.

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