2 Weeks Post Surgery

It has been 2 week since I’ve had my right hip replaced and I am doing very well.  After 3 years of arthritic pain in my hip, I now no longer have any pain and its a great feeling.  I always knew eventually I would get to this point but the road traveled was very difficult so I am happy to be doing so well.

Right now the only pain I have is stiffness and soreness of the muscles, but considering I just had surgery and the fact that I haven’t used some of these muscles in years- I’m doing just fine.

I spend my days watching TV and relaxing and playing computer games and trying to stay occupied.  I also have been sleeping a lot too.  I try and do my exercises often to help build up my muscles and help heal my hip.

I am not one who can stay cooped up at the house all day so that is the biggest struggle.  I try and stay entertained but I miss being able to get out and I miss work.

So right now I’m doing what I can to pass time and hoping the next few weeks go by quickly because if they get my shoulder replacement made soon I’ll be going back in before the end of the year to get that done and that is an even longer recuperation period.

I try and keep my mind set on when all this is behind me and I can continue to get on with my life and have all of these medical problems finally put to rest.  Fingers crossed nothing else comes up after that!

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