11 Months and 9 Days…

11 Months and 9 days…that’s how long I’ve been waiting for a new shoulder and the wait continues.

This time last year I was optimistic about getting through my hip surgery and quickly preparing for my shoulder surgery.  I was told “good news is we’ve done this before so it shouldn’t take as long as the right one took”.  Well reality is no it didn’t take as long as the right one took, its taking longer.

I went about 3 weeks ago to the doctor and the update was that we were closer but still awaiting one more approval then they had to build the replacement.  I was told that they believed I would have surgery before the end of the year, but even as they were saying it I found myself doubting that.  Because I knew that the end of the year was only 4 months away.

Yes I still have 4 months that this could happen, but I just don’t think it will happen by that time frame.

That’s what gets me the most I’ve known for 4 years that I needed this surgery and now a year has passed and I’m still waiting.

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