Trying to stay strong

In order to write a blog you must be willing to share with others your story.  You must be willing to open up and talk about things.

All my life I’ve done the opposite.  I kept things in.  I did this because with everything I’ve faced in life the only option I ever saw was, you stay strong and deal with it.

I built up this wall a long time ago and breaking it down is hard to do.  When I was younger I’d write in journals, I still do.

I often feel like there’s this whole other side of me that people never see.  That’s kind of how I want it.

When people look at me they see the strong me, the strong person I’ve fought so hard to portray.  Only a few people have seen me at my weakest moments, I don’t break easily but over the last few years with all that’s happened I’ve had a few times when I couldn’t hold strong anymore.

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